Main Advantages of Routing Optimization Cloud Software
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Main Advantages of Routing Optimization Cloud Software

Choosing the best route planner for your business is essential to your ongoing success. Cloud route optimization and scheduling make your process even better in a number of important ways. Opti-Time works on the Microsoft Azure platform, which ensures that it is reliable and available for your company. Understanding the benefits of implementing cloud-based routing optimization will allow your company to achieve the best results for your company’s productivity and profitability.

Applications of Route Optimization Software

As you already know, route optimization is critical to many different business models and industries. Opti-Time is a Gold Partner of Microsoft, which allows us to provide the best route planner options for our customers in a wide range of applications:

• Routing and scheduling for technicians in the plumbing, HVAC and home services industries
• Transportation solutions for long-haul trucking and other truck route planner needs
• Last-mile and white-glove delivery options
• Package delivery systems that incorporate both distance transportation and local trips
• Any company that requires scheduling and trip management as part of its core business activities


Finding the right scheduling and routing software solutions is critical for each of these types of transportation models. Here are some of the most important advantages of routing optimization cloud software for your business.


At Opti-Time, we are committed to providing the route planner USA companies need to achieve their goals. Scalability is one of the primary benefits of our online route planner.

• Scalable route planning allows your company to adjust to changing needs in the marketplace. Nearly every business has peak times and times when fewer deliveries or stops need to be made. The right truck route planner will provide you with increased flexibility in scheduling your drivers and making sure that your company can operate efficiently during all phases of your business model.

• Scalability also allows for the expansion of storage and capabilities as your business grows. Your scalable online route planner can grow along with your company to provide seamless and dependable support for your scheduling and route planning requirements. This is critical for companies just beginning their journey in a new area or for businesses that require added flexibility in determining their current and ongoing support needs.

• Improved performance and load management is another major advantage of working with a scalable route planner with stops. Because Opti-Time partners with Microsoft Azure, we can provide you with the most reliable and practical solutions for ensuring peak performance during all phases of your business operations.

• The scalability of the Opti-Time system makes it a practical choice for companies that are not yet sure about which services and options are right for them. By starting small and building on successes, your company can enjoy the benefits of the route planner USA businesses have come to rely on for their routing needs. This can allow a more gradual roll-out of your route planning software and positive experience with the entire process.

• Scalable solutions can provide definite cost benefits for your company. At Opti-Time, we know that routing solutions should never be one-size-fits-all. Scalability allows you to customize your services and to pay only for the services you need. This can potentially save your company a significant amount of money over the course of a single year.

The Microsoft Azure platform makes it simple for Opti-Time to balance and optimize your use of system resources to provide the most effective solutions for your needs at every part of your business cycle. This can also allow for more efficient use of system resources to ensure the best and most practical solutions for your company.

Automatic Updates

Maintaining your on-site system can be a real challenge for transportation companies that depend on reliable access to their route planner software. Opti-Time and Microsoft Azure Hosting make it simple to manage updating and maintenance requirements with no effort on your part. This will eliminate the need to track required updates and to make sure that your routing optimization software is current and functioning as required for your business. Our Software-as-a-Service model allows you to relax and enjoy these benefits of routing optimization cloud software.


• Minimal downtime is required for updating and maintaining your routing software. Because this work can be done behind the scenes using redundant servers, you can enjoy seamless access to your routing optimization software. This allows you to stay on schedule and to promote the greatest productivity for your field technicians and drivers during your regular working hours.

• In some cases, it may make more sense to schedule your updates and upgrades during times when your business is not usually in operation. This will save you time and money while ensuring that your updating process is managed in the most efficient and practical way possible.

• Allowing experts to manage your upgrades and updates will provide you with added confidence and peace of mind. At Opti-Time and Microsoft Azure, our teams have the experience and the proven know-how to make sure that your software upgrade or update goes smoothly and according to plan. Because these upgrades and updates are performed on our own servers, we can avoid any issues that could delay the process and leave your company without access for a prolonged period of time.

• Making sure that your system has the latest updates will allow you to enjoy added features and increased opportunities for boosting the productivity of your field technicians and drivers. This will help you to stay at the forefront of your industry and to maintain the highest productivity for your company in the competitive marketplace.

• Cloud route optimization software can allow you to free up staff time for other activities that are related to your core business plan. By allowing your employees to work on the tasks that are most suited to their skills, you will often improve morale in your organization while ensuring the best outcomes on the road.

By working with Opti-Time to schedule your online route planner upgrades and updates on the Microsoft Azure platform, you can enjoy the most practical solutions for these processes and the lowest possible downtime for your operations.

Enhanced Security

When you choose Opti-Time and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, you gain the benefits of our expertise in managing the security of your software and your data.Microsoft Azure Cloud solution and benefits

This is essential to protect your company against repercussions caused by data loss or compromise in the online environment. Some of the most important benefits of cloud computing in the routing optimization field are listed below:

• The Microsoft Azure Hosting platform allows Opti-Time to provide you with compliance solutions that work to keep your company in line with federal and state regulations regarding the safeguarding of confidential client data. This can help you to avoid issues with governmental oversight and regulatory agencies that could occur if your data is not properly secured.

• Your data is protected using the latest security protocols. Microsoft Azure and the entire Microsoft family of products and services have decades of proven experience in identifying and countering emerging threats to data security in the working environment. By entrusting your data management processes to our team, you can ensure that you achieve the best cybersecurity for your information in the cloud environment.

• Physical security is an often-overlooked part of the cybersecurity package. The Microsoft Azure cloud storage platform consists of servers that are safeguarded against physical intrusions as well as threats in the online environment. This can take some of the stress out of the process for you and your company when managing your data storage needs.

• Opti-Time and Microsoft Azure Hosting provide the proactive security services needed to address threats as they emerge. This will provide your organization with the greatest possible peace of mind about your cybersecurity protection in the business environment.

• The Microsoft Azure public cloud platform is deployed across a global network, which allows you to manage your servers and applications in the most practical way. The built-in redundancies in this network ensure that your software has an added layer of protection against the effects of

• Distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks are one of the biggest threats to business servers and systems. By working with Opti-Time through the Microsoft Azure platform, you can avoid all these issues and enjoy the most practical solutions for your route planner with stops and schedules.

Entrusting your data protection processes for your truck route planner software to Opti-Time and Microsoft Azure is a practical way to handle these issues in the most advanced and proactive manner possible.

Easier Disaster Recovery

Because your data and software are stored in the cloud and not in your business premises, Opti-Time’s cloud routing solutions make it much easier to get your business back up and running after a disaster situation. Your data is safe and secure on remote servers and backed up for easy recovery. This ensures that you can resume your operations with minimal disruption to your business and your customers.


Always-on Customer Support

Choosing Opti-Time on the Microsoft Azure platform for your cloud routing optimization software implementation will also give you access to our customer support team. This can ensure that you receive the help you need to manage your route planner with stops and to make sure that your system is running as expected and that it provides the right functionality and features for your needs. The customer support staff at Microsoft Azure and Opti-Time can provide you with the following important benefits:

• Greater peace of mind when implementing your route optimization plan
• Fast answers to your questions regarding the features of your routing software
• Rapid resolution of issues to keep your company productive and profitable

Because we offer SaaS solutions for your route optimization software needs, our team can deliver the support you need to make sure that your system works for the demands of your business.

Anytime, Anywhere Access to Your Systems

Of course, the most visible benefit of SaaS and cloud solutions for your routing needs is the ability to access information from anywhere you happen to be.

data cloud system picture

If you need to relocate, your Opti-Time software and data will be ready to go to your new business location. This can promote the best and most practical solutions for dealing with unexpected situations in your delivery, transportation or home services business. As our cloud partner, Microsoft Azure Hosting delivers the easy access you need to achieve the most considerable flexibility in managing your business operations even in difficult times and from remote locations.


Customization Options

Adding features and customizing your routing batch optimization processes is much easier because your data and software are stored in the cloud. You can easily upgrade or add functionality by contacting Opti-Time and allowing us to make the change through Microsoft Azure Hosting. SaaS makes it simple for you to make the changes you need to promote the highest productivity and the most efficient use of your resources. The team at Opti-Time is ready to help you create the most customized solutions for your cloud routing software and for your business.

Have questions? Discover more about our software.

At Opti-Time, we are proud to partner with Microsoft to provide the most advanced and practical cloud solutions for route optimization and scheduling software. Opti-Time is a subsidiary of the GEOCONCEPT group, which is known worldwide as one of the leading companies in the field of vehicle scheduling and routing. We recommend the cloud optimization options available through our partnership with the Microsoft Azure platform. This routing optimization solution offers the greatest flexibility and the most convenient access for our customers.

The benefits of our cloud routing optimization software are obvious. In our next installment, we will look at the major disadvantages of opting for open-source or in-house routing optimization software rather than working with a company that creates customized solutions for your routing and scheduling software needs. As important as it is to take advantage of the many ways in which cloud route optimization can benefit your company, it is equally critical to avoid the downsides associated with other choices in the routing and scheduling marketplace.



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